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Anderson Custom Rods offers fine fly reels from several manufacturers.  You select the manufacturer and model or let us recommend a reel specifically matched to your new Anderson Custom Rod.  Your new reel will come spooled with backing and a custom fly line when you purchase a new rod.  Reels are purchased separately and not included with the price of the rod.  We offer fly reel models from the following manufacturers: please contact us directly for models to match your Anderson Custom Rod & prices.


Fly Lines


Anderson Custom Rods stocks a variety of single-hand and two-handed fly lines to match your fishing needs.


Anderson Custom Rod Two-handed Lines


We believe in the versatility and fishability of a shooting head system for two-handed rods. All Anderson Custom Rods two-handed rods will also cast short and midspey lines, but our line and weight designations are based on shooting head lines. All our two-handed lines are manufactured to our exacting specifications.


Pacific Northwest Steelhead (PNW-steelhead)


A Scandinavian style floating shooting head designed for use in our great Northwest. PNW-steelhead lines range from 29 to 40 feet long and combine maximum distance casting with a controlled turnover resulting in a perfect compliment to our two-handed rods. PNW Steelhead lines come in six sizes from 280 grains to 580 grains, and can be custom cut to meet any fishing/casting situation or style. These lines are a light green color with a short back taper and a 15 to 19 foot front taper depending on size. PNW Steelhead lines are the perfect line choice for all summer and early fall steelhead fishing and offer the finest delivery system for all waking and subsurface fishing techniques. By adding a sinking poly leader to the tip of the PNW Steelhhead head, swinging flies in the mid-water column is easy.


Short Skagit Taper (SST)


A smooth casting Skagit head and not just a piece of fat level line. The SST has a short, powerful front taper that will turn over a heavy tip and large fly, available from 2- to 8-weight. Each head is looped at both ends for easy attachment of the running line and the tip of your choice.


Each two-handed Anderson Custom Rod comes with our recommended Scandi shooting head and we can also provide Skagit heads, mid-belly and long-belly Spey lines, running lines and backing, and additional or replacement Scandi heads at extra cost. Please contact us directly to fulfill you special fly line needs.


We also offer lines from the following manufacturers to match your Anderson Custom Rod:


Steve Godshall Custom Lines: Lines built to your specific fishing needs and style of casting, and matched to your rod.

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